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Cheap Shuttle from EWR to Baltimore

Baltimore to Newark NJ

It’s a long way from Baltimore to Newark and vice versa. Getting there or back will take a lot of time. You can take a bus, but they’re even longer rides than a car, and getting the bus is such a hassle straight from or two an airport. A shuttle, which offers safety and comfort as well as a reasonable rate for a private car, is a better option.

Still ask yourself how to get from Newark airport to Times Square? Here is  the way you can!

Baltimore Facts

Fun fact about Baltimore: it’s not part of any county, and is thus the largest independent city in the United States. Founded in 1729, Baltimore has a population of 621,849 in the city itself; the metropolitan area has about 2.7 million. Baltimore is known as a “city of neighborhoods”, with hundreds of recognizable districts which each have their own unique qualities. You might think of it as a big city made up of a lot of small towns! Francis Scott Keys wrote the national anthem in the city, and it’s been home to such famous faces as Edgar Allen Poe, Billie Holiday, and Frederick Douglass.

Baltimore to Newark Airport Now

Looking to get to or from the airport in complete peace and safety? We can help.

  • Privatecar: Privatecar’s $459.08 is Uber-like pricing for the long journey from Newark to Maryland. However, you can easily book this service in advance at no extra cost. You can bring three adults in the car.
  • Blacklane economy: Blacklane’s economy class will run you about $414 for curbside pickup with thirty minutes of waiting; all tolls and fees are included, and so is the tip. Three people and two bags can make this particular trip.
  • Blacklane business class: For a price that goes up to $576, Blacklane’s business class offers a larger car with more legroom and comfort. Again, three people and two bags are included along with half an hour’s wait time; tolls and tips are still taken care of.
  • Talixo: Talixo’s $654 price tag includes gratuity, although not tolls; three people and two bags are your max. A full forty-five minutes of waiting is at your disposal with this particular service, so if you’re concerned about your flight time, this might be the right choice.
  • Groundlink: Groundlink’s current special is $678, a full twenty percent off its usual price. For this you get the standard half-hour wait, three people, a full three bags, and all tips and tolls included in the price.

Easy Travel Solutions to Baltimore and EWR

Baltimore is a beautiful city with a lot to offer. You should be able to get to it in an easy, fun way that leaves you less, not more, stressed. We want to help you with this goal. Hopefully, you’ll now feel more comfortable finding a shuttle of your own!

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