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Ordering Newark Airport to Brooklyn Shuttle

The Benefits of Shuttle Travel

Shuttle travel is ideal for the tourist to NYC. No more fussing around trying to get a taxi, or trying to understand the arcanely complex public transportation system. With a shuttle, you’ll find yourself at your destination before you know it, without having had to personally navigate New York’s notorious traffic. Take a shuttle now and enjoy the many benefits!

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Brooklyn Quick Facts

The most populous of the five boroughs, Brooklyn is a bright and vibrant place to visit and enjoy. It’s recently been enjoying a revival, with cultural activities, entrepreneurship, high tech startup, and avant-garde art becoming increasingly a part of its genetic makeup. Brooklyn has many ethnic enclaves that make it a multicultural city of great interest to visitors. Its motto, Eendraght Maeckt Maght, is Early Modern Dutch for “unity makes strength”. With about 2.5 million people, you can certainly see why the city needs it.

EWR to Brooklyn Shuttles

These shuttles will get you to Brooklyn quickly, easily, and safely.

  • Blacklane: For Blacklane’s most economical service you can get to Brooklyn for around $99. This includes all tips, tolls, fees, and taxes, so no worries about scrabbling in your change pocket. Thirty minutes of waiting is reassuring for those of you concerned about late flights; up to three passengers and three bags are allowed.
  • SuperShuttle: With toll, it’ll run you around $132.25 to get to Brooklyn from Newark with this shuttle. This is the executive car and will-call service. IF you’re in a group, consider checking out the ten-passenger van for $175, just fifty or so dollars more, which would make each person’s fare about $17.50.
  • Limo Star NY: At $110, Limo Star is in the moderate range, and it includes a meet and greet service to give you a warm welcome to New York. Hours are limited to between 4:30 am and 11:30 PM but the driver will, again, wait for thirty minutes. Tolls and tips included.
  • Talixo: A max of three passengers and three bags run you $117 with Talixo. An extended wait time of 45 minutes make this a good option if you’re concerned about your plane running into turbulence.
  • CarmelLimo: Caramel Limo’s service generally costs about $85.00 to Brooklyn. Although tips and tolls aren’t included, you can get four people into a car, so a larger group will knock the price down to about $22 a person.

Brooklyn to Newark Airport

The wonderful neighborhood of Brooklyn is a great place to visit or live. Whether you’re returning home or going for the first time, a shuttle can help you get the service you deserve. We hope you now feel more confident booking your own shuttle from Newark airport and that your journey will be as stress-free as possible.

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