jersey city to newark airport transportation

Jersey City to Newark Airport: Best Ways to Travel

Shuttle Travel Is the Best Way to Go

Getting to the airport is a hassle. Parking your car and paying, all the trouble and fuss of getting the bus, the inconvenience of hailing a taxi when there’s never one around when you need it… It’s enough to wear a person out. But with a shuttle, you won’t have any such trouble – just book it and go, no hassle and no fuss.

Newark Airport Facts

Newark Airport isn’t technically in Newark. Though it services the city and the New York Metropolitan Area, the airport is technically located in nearby Elizabeth, New Jersey. That doesn’t keep it from being one of the most visually stunning airports in the region or indeed the country, though: seen from above, it’s a glittering tower set on the water, which, at night, lights up like a jewel. It’s one of the busiest airports in the country, as well, since it gets so much traffic from New York. The food and coffee options have recently been improved, so if you’re due for a layover, make sure you grab a bite to eat.

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Jersey City Airport Shuttle List

Whichever direction you’re going, these shuttles will take you between Jersey City and Newark quickly and easily.

  • State Shuttle: The State Shuttle service by GO airport shuttle will charge about $47.00 to get you from Jersey City to Newark Airport. Two bags per person in this van means you don’t have to worry about luggage, and tolls are included in the price.
  • Blacklane: The next step up in price is Blacklane at $71, a price that includes all fees and tips. Three people with two bags can fit into Blacklane’s economy cars.
  • Supershuttle: At $85.00, Supershuttle again allows two bags and includes tolls in the price. Their large van is perfect for traveling in groups of ten or fewer, which will allow you to split the cost.
  • Groundlink: For $88, Groundlink’s all inclusive service gives you tips, tolls, and taxes all taken care of. Three people with three bags can go in Groundlink’s private sedan, which is currently 20% off from its normal $111 service.
  • Talixo: Talixo’s $91 price tag doesn’t include tolls; however, the tip is taken care of into the price. Four people with six bags can get into the car, which means you can split the cost four ways, so it’s good if you’re traveling in a small group.

Get Jersey City to Newark Airport Shuttle

Wherever your journey takes you after Newark flight, we hope that it’s a pleasant one. You now know how to leverage the power of a shuttle to get where you need to be, so we hope your trip will be less stressful! Happy flying.

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