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Shuttle or Bus from EWR to LGA?

Getting from one of the New York airports to another is always a bit of a hassle, thanks to traffic and the number of toll roads. Buses are an adequate way to travel, but there’s a huge hassle involved in making sure you get to the stop and there on time. But with a shuttle, all you have to do is order and you’re ready to go.

LaGuardia Airport Facts

LaGuardia Airport is named after the man who was the mayor of New York when it was built: Fiorello LaGuardia. It’s got a reputation as a strange airport to land in; the short runways and surrounding water have lead pilots to nickname it the USS LaGuardia. The airport is due to be replaced soon, completely rebuilt with better facilities, so if you’re flying there, make a note of what it’s like. You’ll be able to tell your grandchildren you visited the old LaGuardia. This will be its second rebuild, the previous incarnation having been the Glenn H. Curtiss/North Beach Airport.

Here are the ways of getting from Jersey city to Newark airport shuttle.

Shuttle between LGA and EWR List

Looking to get from LGA to EWR or the other way around? These shuttles offer easy transport.

  • All County Express: All County Express’s airport to airport services goes between all three of the major airports for a flat fee of $32 per person. For large groups, consider the $135 eleven-passenger van fee, which can be split to cost less.
  • Go Air Link Shuttle: The toll-included $23 fee of Go Air Link’s shuttle is a pretty great price; you can bring two bags per person as well. Tip isn’t included, however, so make sure to have a little something on hand for the driver to thank them for their hard work.
  • SuperShuttle: Supershuttle’s well known vans with the white wings painted on blue offer passage for up to ten people at $35 each. Two bags per person and included tolls make this a reasonable service for the price.
  • Execucar: The $97.00 service from Execucar gets you a private car with tolls included. Sleek and comfortable, this is a good choice if you’re in a small group of two or three people and don’t want to use a shared van.
  • Blacklane: For $101 you get Blacklane’s premier economy service with all tolls and tips included. Three people and two bags can go on this ride.

Get the Shuttle You Need

You deserve a great shuttle that can make your trip enjoyable and stress-free, no matter where you’re going. We know that, with just a little help, you can find it, so don’t stress – order your shuttle now.

We wish you the best of luck on your EWR to LGA shuttle way!