ways of getting from newark airport to manhattan

Easy Way of Getting from Newark Airport to Manhattan

How to Transfer from Newark Airport to Manhattan

Getting from Newark Airport to Manhattan can definitely be a little bit sticky. If you’re not up to driving in the hectic traffic that haunts New York, why not book a shuttle? All you have to do is order and it’ll be there waiting for you when you get into the airport. Enjoy your vacation or return journey hassle-free with a great shuttle service.

Manhattan Fast Facts

Manhattan is perhaps the most famous of the five boroughs. It’s certainly the oldest, and the most densely-populated – in fact it’s one of the most densely-populated areas in the world. Founded in 1683, Manhattan is steeped in history and home to some of New York’s most famous landmarks. When you think of New York, what you’re probably thinking about is Manhattan. It’s an ideal tourist destination for an exciting and interesting time.

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EWR Airport to Manhattan Shuttles

Want to get to the thriving, bustling hub that is Manhattan? Check out these services and get there the easy way.

  • SuperShuttle: Supershuttle offers a shared van ride that allows you to get to Manhattan for $25. Tip is not included, but tolls are. You can bring your luggage along as long as you haven’t got more than two pieces. This is perhaps the cheapest option if you’re traveling alone.
  • Execucar: Offering three passengers and three pieces of luggage, the $108 service also allows you thirty minutes of waiting in case your plane gets a little bit delayed.
  • Limo Star NY: Tolls and tips are both included in Limo Star NY’s $110 price tag although, sadly, they don’t pick you up in a limo for this price. Still, the forty five minutes of curbside waiting is nice.
  • Blacklane: Blacklane’s professional executive car services, which are luxurious and comfortable, will run you about $95. Again, thirty minutes of waiting makes getting out of the airport easier and less stressful.
  • GroundLink: It’s currently $86 to travel with Groundlink, including tolls and tip. They are another service that will allow you an extra half hour of wait time if your plane is delayed, comforting in these uncertain times of airport issues.
  • All Country Express: All Country Express’s Manhattan shuttle service is $125, and it takes place in a vehicle that seats eleven passengers. Travel in a large group and split the cost eleven ways and you’ll have a very affordable ride indeed.

Get the Best Shuttle Service

Getting good service shuttle from Newark airport doesn’t have to be hard. We’ve given you some good examples of reasonably-priced shuttles. All you have to do is book and you’ll be on your way to easier, stress-free travel. Enjoy your time in the greatest city in the world.

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