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Everything that You Have to Know about Transportation from EWR to NYC

Advantages of Travel with NYC Shuttle

The traffic in New York is notoriously awful. When you’ve just gotten in from the airport, you don’t want to have to navigate angry drivers and honking horns; you want to let someone else take care of the issues. A EWR shuttle allows you that peace and, unlike a taxi, has more flexibility and options for many passengers. These qualities make it a great choice for your trip.

Getting from Newark Airport to NYC

If you plan on visiting New York City, you should know a little bit about it. The Five Boroughs, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, The Bronx, and Staten Island, each comprise different parts of the city, and each have different moods, attractions, and draws. The city is home to nine million people and is the most linguistically diverse in the world. There’s lots to see and do, so make sure you don’t get lost in the crowds and enjoy your trip!

List of Transportation from EWR to NYC

These shuttles are all fast and reliable ways to get to NYC at a variety of prices.

  • Caramel Limo: The basic price for a ride will probably run about $50. The most expensive is 362.00 for a full-sized SUV stretch limo! The most economical limo choice is the regular 8-passenger stretch at $204.00, so you can still ride in style.
  • GroundLink: GroundLink charges about eighty to ninety bucks for its services, which include a private sedan and three pieces of hand luggage plus three carry-ons. You can split the cost between up to three passengers.
  • Supershuttle: One of the best-known shuttle services, the price varies steeply depending on where and what method you want. From Newark Airport to Times Square in a simple shared van is about $20. The price rises to $97 if you want the executive car; meet and greet is also extra.
  • All County Express Shuttle: All Country Express is particularly good for those of an economical turn of mind. The airport to airport shared service is $32 per customer which allows two pieces of luggage per person as well. Group or private services are more expensive, ranging into the hundreds and two hundreds.
  • Go Air Link Shuttle: Unlike most, Go Air Link’s quotes include tolls, taxes, and tips. For this reason, they tend to look more expensive. EWR to LGA is $167 per vehicle, for example, though this is also a private non-shared car.

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Bus from Newark Airport to NYC

Sometimes travel can seem like an overwhelming experience: tiring, messy, confusing. But with our services, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can have a much better experience simply by doing a little research. You know where to start now, so happy traveling!

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